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    • Perlindungan dibolehkan sehingga umur 80 tahun.

    • Akhir tempoh kontrak keseluruhan Akaun Peserta akan dipulangkan + perkongsian keuntungan dari Akaun Peserta dan lebihan Akaun Khas Peserta.

    • Jika berlaku kematian, manfaat yang dibayar adalah jumlah perlindungan + Akaun Peserta Terkumpul + keuntungan Akaun Peserta.

    • Sekiranya berlaku keilatan kekal dan menyeluruh, jumlah perlindungan akan dibayar dalam 5 pembayaran. 10% daripada jumlah perlindungan serta amaun terkumpul dan keuntungan dari Akaun Peserta apabila sahnya keilatan, 10% pada ulang tahun pertama hingga tahun ketiga dan bakinya sebanyak 60% pada tahun keempat dari tarikh keilatan.

    • Nilai serahan Akaun Peserta terkumpul dari tahun kedua penyertaan. Boleh dikeluarkan tanpa perlu bayar balik.

    • Atas apa juga sebab, sekiranya anda tidak dapat meneruskan sumbangan, anda boleh memilih satu daripada pilihan di dalam ‘peruntukan bukan lucuthak’ untuk meneruskan penyertaan.


    Ketika mengendalikan Sistem SISMEP di Permatang Pauh. Sistem ini dapat mengenalpasti pengundi setiap rumah.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008


    Sometimes in 1960 – 1963, the majority non-Muslim natives conferred on a very important topic which is to decide on the word “Kadazan” to refer and encompass this multi-dialect, multi-believe and multi-cultural natives. The spirit of that day was unity for unity we stand divided we fall. In unity, we will have a common stand on issues affecting the race. In unity, we have more political power to forge ahead for the good of the country and race.

    It is interesting to note that despite objections from certain individuals from the Interior region, a consensus was achieved. This is one of earliest but powerful decision and a show of unity among the majority non-Muslim natives. Not surprising then we have many post-independent children who bore the race Kadazan in their birth certificate. As a pre-independent child, my birth certificate clearly stated my race as Dusun.

    Malaysian politic is always about divide and rule. They say we inherited this system from our colonial master. It becomes a system not only inherited but also perfected by the present UMNO-led BN government. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is the architect and the man who made “Divide & Rule” a new dimension. The fall of the then PBS government is worthy of a PhD thesis.

    The sudden surge in tribalism during the PBS era is the first salvo in the Divide & Rule. Education among the Kadazans has surged and created independence in terms of finance. Educated Dusuns who supposedly fell out of favour with PBS quickly seize the opportunity to play the race issue. Thus, we saw the registration of the United Sabah Dusun Association (USDA). To counter that move saw the amendment of the Kadazan Cultural Association (KCA) to the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA). The spirit of 1963 is gone and forgotten.

    The Kadazans are resilient people. The educated ones become prominently established professionals and government civil servants. Some have now ventured successfully in business. Others continue to live the land providing essentials food and materials to the country. Others are working in the service industry. The hardworking attitude of the Kadazan people is well founded and respected.

    Over the years, the Kadazans have lived as 3rd class citizens despite the fact that it has a bumiputra tagging. The Kadazans who are once the largest tribe in Sabah has now been overtaken by other races especially the PTI or Pendatang Tanpa Izin. Despite the lost of political power, the Kadazans continue to work hard and to live decently. The Kadazans do not dominate the civil service anymore. There is no high ranking Kadazans in the Police, Arm Forces and definitely no Kadazans in the Diplomatic Corp, as High Commissioners or Ambassadors. The Kadazans are learning to be like Philipinos, who travel abroad in search of livelihood, sending remittance to their elders and hopefully return to enjoy retirement and rest in ones own country. Why should the Kadazans work tirelessly for a country that does not appreciate and give due recognition?

    I am talking of the Kadazans in a broader sense. As I have always argued, the Dusuns, Rungus, Muruts, Lotods etc.can always use their racial tags without any hindrance. No one will oppose, complain or even lift ones eyebrows if they decide to use their racial tags. When I talk about the Kadazans I am hoping and trying to invoke the spirit of 1963.

    As I said, the Kadazans are resilient lots. Hardship and poverty do not scare them. They will live through the miseries. It is only their hardworking attitude and having faith in the Almighty that they persevere and survive. Now, the remedy to the present situation is unity.

    I have high hope and respect in the leadership of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The Keadilan manifesto and now the emergence of Pakatan Rakyat (Peoples Alliance) have provided Kadazans a new source of inspiration and hope. The young Malays in Permatang Pauh have shown that they are no more afraid of other races. In fact the young Malays have shown that they will shoulder together with the other races in making Malaysia truly Malaysians. The politic of fear inculcated and instilled by UMNO-led BN government has finally found a resting place. The politic of race is now waiting for the last nail to be hammered on the coffin.

    The Kadazans must seize this opportunity. UMNO-led BN government has never been fair to the Kadazans. In order for Pakatan Rakyat to assist the Kadazans, the Kadazans must first throw its support to Pakatan Rakyat through Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Under the government of Pakatan Rakyat we not only hope but expect to see Kadazans in high offices be it in politic, civil service and business.

    Dr. Edwin Bosi

    Penampang Keadilan Division Chief