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    Thursday, February 12, 2009


    Dr. John Brian Anthony wrote:

    On an annual basis the Federal government allocate RM$200 million (Tabung Wang Ihsan) to help families affected by flood. This money is usually requested by the ADUN / MP and submitted to Federal Government on behalf of flood victims in their constituency.

    The intention of this article is to alert dayakbaru of the existence of such funds and follow up with your respective ADUN/MP to ensure that affected victims of flood in your area received appropriate assistance to ease their financial burden.

    Flood Victim do not know of such allocation

    Radio Malaysia in Sarawak - especially the Dayak section usually talks of many trivial things and fail to include this news that there is allocation for the people badly affected by flood. Maybe we cannot blame the Radio team but ADUN/MP has been silence on this scheme to help flood victim.

    I would urged the ADUN / MP to do their job properly and earn an honest living from their monthly salary. As the representative of the people - the ADUN need not act like Kings and Princes anymore. Just go down to the ground and do your job. Secure the monetary assistance and ensure that the flood victims get the money - not “politician” pocket.

    Sibu Flood

    During the Dayak Symposium (gathering) in Sibu recently, there is water everywhere. I can recalled that the BIG MOUTH SUPP Minister has announced that Sibu has been allocate RM$400million to implement flood mitigation solution. That was almost 2 years ago - the much talk about 9th Malaysia plan and the PM wish to see that money for approved project should be dispensed off as soon as possible.

    What happen to the money for flood mitigation project in sibu? The money has not been delivered by Federal or the money is lost to something else. Maybe the BN government is talking about money it does not have - and the people are waiting and suffering in the process.

    Sarawak Trunk Road

    The main Sarawak trunk road is in totally bad shape. In the first place - why are roads constructed in Sarawak of such poor quality. Has it to do with insufficient allocation, incompetence contractor, sleeping JKR, corrupted businessman and politician?

    In West Malaysia, no matter how heavy and how long the rain lasted you will never see that numbers of pot hole on their trunk road.

    The road leading to Durin bridge - used to be good and there is no reason that it is what it is today - a total shame. The construction has been on going for 2 years and look at what type of road we have in that section. Corruption is really bad - it affect Sarawak’s progress and the quality of life of its people.

    The Mukah Junction at Selangau

    Those Engineers looking after the project, the JKR that oversee the construction of “it looks like a round about” - nearly 2 years has gone by, the construction over such a small section has not been completed.

    Do the BN government really hope to get away with such poor work and irresponsible project implementation.

    That make me think that the money allocated for such road construction has not be delivered by Federal Government and if it has the CORRUPTION is Sarawak is very bad that such simple construction could not be completed over such a long time.

    It is disgusting to see the state of the truck road. Nobody seemed to be taking interest in the delay - least of all the ADUN/MP of the area. Are their hand being tied down by corruption too?


    We have no other choice but to replace this BN government in Sarawak. They are totally inefficient and tardy in the job of delivering services to the people of Sarawak. It is a fact that most politician are spending too much time making and spinning money for personal gain rather than focusing on servicing Sarawak.

    We must stop such low functioning government. A government made on one or two person decision maker. A BN led government that intimidate the government administration arm, the enforcement arm and those in planning that bow down to one man fancy.