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    • Perlindungan dibolehkan sehingga umur 80 tahun.

    • Akhir tempoh kontrak keseluruhan Akaun Peserta akan dipulangkan + perkongsian keuntungan dari Akaun Peserta dan lebihan Akaun Khas Peserta.

    • Jika berlaku kematian, manfaat yang dibayar adalah jumlah perlindungan + Akaun Peserta Terkumpul + keuntungan Akaun Peserta.

    • Sekiranya berlaku keilatan kekal dan menyeluruh, jumlah perlindungan akan dibayar dalam 5 pembayaran. 10% daripada jumlah perlindungan serta amaun terkumpul dan keuntungan dari Akaun Peserta apabila sahnya keilatan, 10% pada ulang tahun pertama hingga tahun ketiga dan bakinya sebanyak 60% pada tahun keempat dari tarikh keilatan.

    • Nilai serahan Akaun Peserta terkumpul dari tahun kedua penyertaan. Boleh dikeluarkan tanpa perlu bayar balik.

    • Atas apa juga sebab, sekiranya anda tidak dapat meneruskan sumbangan, anda boleh memilih satu daripada pilihan di dalam ‘peruntukan bukan lucuthak’ untuk meneruskan penyertaan.


    Ketika mengendalikan Sistem SISMEP di Permatang Pauh. Sistem ini dapat mengenalpasti pengundi setiap rumah.

    Thursday, March 5, 2009


    The above words must be instilled amongst all Sarawakians until they are engrained.

    Here is Jasmine's take on this issue (thank you, Jasmine):

    I'm a Kelana Jaya (Selangor) voter. This is my advice to all of you Dayaks and Batang Ai voters or those who will go there to campaign, when PKR picked Loh Gwo Burne as the candidate, there was an uproar. People protested and asked many questions. He was not known apart from being the man who recorded the Lingam tapes and worse, he was facing a popular candidate who was a 3 term assemblyman but was promoted to the Federal Parliament.

    Fearing that he may lose, PKR and PR supporters asked many questions and I must admit he was not the best candidate. Furthermore, he couldn't speak in Bahasa Malaysia, a must for a Parliamentarian. The people asked how could we elect someone who even couldn't express himself in the language of the nation and parliament. Later, many people including Haris Ibrahim, Zorro and others tried to argue that we needed a new candidate. Many other voters and bloggers argued of the same.

    After this, some of us started lashing out at the critics and we said: "Our main goal is to defeat BN. Even if PKR has put in there a dog, we prefer a dog to BN." Then we rallied to him and also helped him win convincingly despite being a non-voter. Can you imagine? He himself was not a resgistered voter yet due to our hatred for BN, we simply voted in any man/woman who stood against BN. Are we regretting today? Absolutely not.

    He is doing a good job and Selangor is making records, all for good reasons. If Batang Ai voters, different PKR factions and interested candidates don't reason like Peninsular voters, if the Dayaks don't stop this cancerous divide tactics where they divide themselves, if the Dayaks don't stop betraying one another whenever they don't agree on candidates, if the Dayaks continue arguing about this and that when the whistle has been blown, if the Dayaks don't stop this stupid mentality of talking too much about candidate and tribal affiliations, then you will be selling your future to Taib Mahmud.

    Soon he will die and his son will rule you for 40 years to come and by then you would have lost any hope for survival. You will be enslaved for good. And you will blame no one bcoz you want it.

    This is my advice, when the candidate is picked, however unpopular he/she is, rally behind him. Your enemy no.1 should be BN and Taib. Forget the candidate, it should be about BN. The candidate can corrected and once he wins, he will know the importance of goodwill, unity and will appreciate those who supported him despite their differences, but BN can't be corrected and nothing can be done to stop their corruption and subjugation.

    The choice is yours and you better do something drastic about this. Batang Ai should unite all of you. If Bawin or any other is picked, everyone should support him and do his utmost to help him win. But if you start arguing, asking and making noise, then you are telling Taib and Jabu: "We are stupid people who cherish to be enslaved by you and your future children for eternity."

    There you have it Sarawakians. The choice is yours. Let the voters of Batang Ai lead the way!- Sarawak Headhunter