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    Sunday, March 15, 2009



    Aljezeera TV channel has organized an open public debate between YB Dominique Ng versus YB James Jemot Masing at Kuching Waterfront on the 17th March 2009, starting at 8.00am.

    All Dayakbaru readers are welcome to listen to the debate.

    Why Dr. James?

    It is always Taib way of handling Dayak problems in Sarawak. Taib will start something and reap its harvest. If there is any problem with his plan or scheme that is associated with Dayak, Taib would conveniently pust the responsibility to Dayak Minister.

    Debate Topic:

    What good will the 12 dams bring to Sarawak.

    Our “Pak Turut” Minister would only be too happy to cooperate with Taib to get his favor. Dr James has no standing talking on this topic. The correct YB would be “Awang Tengah”. He is the Minister of Land and Natural Resources. Dr. James is the wrong BN representative.

    Awang Tengah

    Why is Awang Tengah hiding behind Dr. James under wear. Dayakbaru must know that Awang Tengah is not a clever man personally. He could not even prepare his maiden speech in DUN when he first became an elected representative. I still doubt Awang Tengah can write 500 words of his own thought.

    Awang Tengah has brought many discriminatory policies on behalf of the BN State government against the Dayak. Awang Tanah they called him - for giving land only to a certain community and pour scorned on the community.

    My prediction of what would happened on the open debate

    Dr. James would suffer personally on his integrity no matter whatever is the outcome. He is not a lawyer and YB Dominque will show his lack of perception on matters link with the law.

    Dr. James is also not an environmentalist. How is he going to explain the effect of the 12 dams to Climatic Change and Global warming and other environmental issue. Dr James is knowledge in socio-economic issue but has the BN done to help the Dayak in Batang Ai and Sg. Asap caused by the two dams.

    National Energy Policy

    The national energy policy focus on developing “renewable energy”. Is energy from dam regarded as renewable. Solar energy has not been fully realized and mini hydro technology is very effective that we can harness in Sarawak for the inetrior community. Why is the government not taking such opportunity to develop our energy need.

    Small gravity feed turbine will not however fill the pocket of the government ministers and politician - that is why. Big dams always bring “duit runtoh” from the sky for our corrupt leaders and elite well conected businessman.

    Government lack “process” to tackle dam problem

    Despite Batang Ai and Bakun the government is still at a lost in managing the welfare of their own citizen after their relocation. The government mechanism, offer and support is well below that is required to keep the displace community in equal life quality if not better than before.

    The government is not doing enough thinking and over dependent on consultant who may have a shallow knowledge of what it takes to live as successful Dayak. Thus, follow up program to guide and enable the Dayak is missing. I do not think the government have guideline through any one of their instrument to provide minimum care for the displaced person.-From Dayakbaru.