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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009


    “The old markets were housed within some of the city’s earliest concrete buildings, including a handsome high-ceilinged edifice with open archways that would not look out of place on a waterway in Venice.

    Old Kuching will lose some of its greatest charm if such priceless architectural relics are sacrificed on the altar of commercial redevelopment in the name of urban progress.” John Teo, NST Online, 2008/07/04.

    Responding to widespread community sentiments, such as the above, the ADUN for Padungan, has launched a community signature campaign in a last minute effort to save the Gambier St. heritage buildings from demolition squads of the authorities which have moved in. The signature petition would take place at the Gambier St. site on Thursday, 25th June 2009.

    On the 23rd, YB Ng had met DBKU authorities at the Commissioner’s Office, but were informed that DBKU had to carry out the instructions of the State Government. The passionate appeal of YB Ng to the Government in the recent sitting of DUN to save the site as a major prong in applying to UNESCO for the Historical and Cultural Heritage Listing of Greater Kuching has clearly been ignored.

    “ I have reached the limits of my personal and my supporters’ influence; I am now in desperation and for the sake of Kuching and Sarawak historical treasure, I can only as final resort, summon the greatest political force left, that is the collective will of the entire people!” he exhorted.

    “I am pained to my bones to witness the beginning of senseless destruction of our proud historic edifices, and so are the people of Kuching sharing the shame of this monumental State folly and wanton contempt of state heritage” he lambasted.

    He calls on the people of Kuching, so proud of their city and State, to stand up to declare that we will not take this villainy against our historic heritage in submissive silence. He applauds the Sarawak Heritage Society and the Sarawak Tourism Association for expressing their stand on the matter in their respective petitions to the authorities.

    “ This is a campaign of the people for the community and State, and should surpass political party loyalties; and this is certainly not my one-man campaign,” he said. He cited Malaysia Pollster which found that over 90% of respondents support the preservation of the Gambier Street heritage site and old buildings there sited.

    “ The community including myself are not anti-development or redevelopment, but it must be smart development respecting community aspirations and heritage significance, in addition to other interest such as tourism and broader service economy.”

    “Smart preservation of the site, and judicious modification to include an esplanade along the site, as extension to the Heritage Walk on the Main Bazaar side would be consistent with the broad based interests. Restoration of the historic buildings to house souvenir and handicraft trading, display galleries for history, culture and nature would not only help tourism, services economy but would serve as an educational asset for young Sarawakians. The site encapsulates 200 years of Kuching history.”

    “Let us inform our guests to this proud city during the coming Rulers’ Conference that we are going to have an even more enriched Heritage Walk with the Gambier Street buildings restored, not and heritage-stripped history-impoverished Kosong Heritage Walk ! Come back to this city, to see its full heritage restored !” he concluded.

    Proposed development to take over the Gambier Street Old Market plus the Brooke Dockyard area, up to the Malay Mosque and Cemetery.

    Artist Impression

    This building proposed to be building in current Gambier market, across of Astana Negeri. This building will be known as Sanctuary Hotel and Mall, where as the building consisting of Shopping Complex, cafe and hotel. This building is part of the new waterfront extension in Kuching whereas the next phase of Kuching waterfront stretched from this Ceko market to Brooke Dockyard.

    • Built-Up Area – 1,200,000 sq ft
    • Retail Space – 500,000 sqft
    • Entertainment & Shopping – 6 levels
    • Cineplex – 980 seats (10 screens)
    • Convention Centre – 50,000 sqft
    • Office Space – 30,000 sqft
    • Department Store & Hypermarket Anchors
    • Retail Outlets – 200
    • Restaurants, Pubs & Cafés – 15
    • Boutique Hotel – 180 rooms
    • Serviced Apartment Suites – 128
    • Car Park Bays – 1,400 bays
    • Motorcycle Bays – 280 bays
    • Escalators – 32
    • Lifts – 12
    by Dr. Francis Ngu