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    Ketika mengendalikan Sistem SISMEP di Permatang Pauh. Sistem ini dapat mengenalpasti pengundi setiap rumah.

    Sunday, October 25, 2009


    TAHNIAH. Baru Bian anak jati Lawas telah dilantik menjadi Pengerusi, Majlis Pimpinan Negeri (MPN), Keadilan Sarawak hari ini.

    Presiden Keadilan Dato' Seri Wan Azizah berharap dengan perlantikan itu, Keadilan Sarawak mampu berkembang lebih pesat di bawah kepimpinan Baru.

    Baru Bian, seorang peguam yang juga bekas ahli PBDS serta terlibat dalam pembentukan MDC, terkenal dengan perjuangan menuntut hak tanah NCR merupakan Penegerusi ketujuh Keadilan Sarawak sejak 1999.

    PKR forms National Integration Council for Sabah and Sarawak

    malaysian insiderby Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

    PKR moved today to put behind the rising discontent in East Malaysia when it appointed a new state chief for Sabah and also formed a National Integration Council for Sabah and Sarawak.

    Thamrin Zaini was appointed the new Sabah chief, replacing Azmin Ali after leaders from the state had threatened a revolt recently over the latter’s leadership.

    But the party hopes that the formation of the new National Integration Council with senior leaders from the state and also from the peninsular will be a more permanent solution to help improve ties with the two East Malaysian states.

    Among the leaders appointed to the council are Dr Jeffrey Kitingan as coordinator, and Daniel Tajem from Sarawak, Dr Syed Husin Ali and Dr Toh Kin Woon.

    PKR chieftains in both states were in open revolt and were demanding that local leaders be appointed to head the party.

    In Sabah, factions aligned to the appointed party vice-president Jeffrey had launched a mutiny against Azmin by submitting a memorandum which, among other matters, claimed that Azmin had under-performed.

    But after PKR’s national leadership met today for four hours, party president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail announced that both vice-president Azmin and Mustafa Kamil Ayub would be replaced as Sabah and Sarawak chiefs.

    Azmin has been replaced by local man Thamrin, who is Libaran assemblyman, and Mustafa was replaced by local lawyer Baru Bian.

    Wan Azizah denied that Azmin’s removal was due to pressure from PKR Sabah.

    “There was not any issue of revolt. We had a meeting and they agreed to give me the mandate to choose ( Sabah’s party chief) and they will support my decision,” she told reporters at PKR headquarters in Tropicana here.

    Both Azmin and Mustafa Kamal Ayub have been reappointed as party chiefs of Federal Territory and Perak respectively.

    Wan Azizah also anounced that Penang deputy chief minister Dr. Mansor Othman would replace Datuk Zahrain Mohammad Hashim as Penang’s new party chief with Abd Rahman Yusof as Terengganu chief, and PKR election director Saifuddin Nasution as Kelantan chief. PKR Youth chief Syamsul Iskandar would also be replacing Khalid Jafaar as Melaka party chief.

    Party de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim denied that Azmin reportedly resigned from his Sabah post earlier this week.

    “Azmin Ali and Mustafa Kamil Ayub were given the task ( to lead Sabah and Sarawak) till the end of October,” he told reporters at PKR headquarters in Tropicana here.

    In a bid to make headway in both states, which are crucial vote banks for Barisan National (BN), ahead of the next national elections, Anwar took over the leadership of both states in March.

    However in May, both Mustaffa and Azmin were handpicked to lead the party in the two states.

    The unilateral move by Anwar to appoint Malay leaders from the peninsula, which was supposedly a temporary measure to consolidate the party in East Malaysia, had backfired.

    In an effort to help mend the strained relationship between the party’s east and west Malaysian members, the party announced the formation of a National Integration Council for Sabah and Sarawak.

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009


    Ramah-Tamah dan Sambutan Perayaan 10 Tahun Keadilan Sarawak

    YB DOMINQUE NG: Malaysia Day / September 16th as Public Holiday, is a Victory of the Rakyat.

    Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat Sarawak !

    Oct. 19th 2009

    YB Dominique Ng, the ADUN for Padungan, has welcomed the belated declaration by the Federal Government of September 16th,, being Malaysia Day, as national public holiday. He was commenting on the move by the Prime Minister to finally declare Sept 16 a holiday.

    It has always been a sore point with Sabah and Sarawak that the day of federation was not recognised officially as a national holiday prior to this announcement. Successive BN governments have ignored calls to make Malaysia Day a holiday. The move would appear to give Sabah and Sarawak limited initial recognition as partners of the Malaysian Federation. The Sabah and Sarawak votes are clearly important to the political equation.

    To shed the floodlights on a previous Blind Spot of official Malaysian history promoted by UMNO and Barisan National, YB Ng with his small band of party faithful have for five successive years on September 16th, hoisted National and State flags at the Central Padang in Kuching. “The Barisan National side poured scorn on us in and out of Dewan Undangan Negeri. Today our party effort is vindicated. Sarawak people are the winners and they rejoice in a fine moment of Peoples’ Victory, and a rare sense of Merdeka!”

    YB Ng described the announcement as a signal victory of the Rakyat, and he feels honoured to have stood with the people of Sarawak to stake claim on an essential fact of nationhood. “Today we have claimed back our Malaysia Day finally, and with it a small part of the honour of Sarawak people, but there is much more honour to be restored. Parti KeAdilan Rakyat is now even more determined to support the people of Sarawak to make a total claim on all aspects of our rightful position and honour lost in 47 years of Federation.”

    Even on the eve of the Prime Minister’s announcement, YB Ng was championing the 916 date, and reminding the BN Government on 916 as holiday, at a public forum organized by the party’s Batu Kawa ranting (branch). His own legal practice has for years observed 916 as holiday to set the pace. “History and all of it, may neither be distorted nor hidden from public view. The Barisan National Government must be aroused from its deliberate somnolence: woe betide a nation that betrays the facts of history !”

    “I stated before that the restoration of true history is in recognition of the role of Sarawak in the formation of Malaysia and is essential to upholding the fundamental rights of Sarawak in the Federation. I would like to reiterate the following points which I call on the BN government to acknowledge without ambivalence:

    1. That Malaysia was formed on September 16th 1963 and not August 31st. 1957. There is but one Merdeka Day for 1Malaysia, not two.

    2. September 16th should rightly be the National Day of Malaysia. There was no Malaysia before September 16th 1963.

    3. Sarawak did not join Malaysia, but formed Malaysia together with Sabah, Singapore and the Federation of Malaya.

    4. 2009 marks the 46th anniversary of Malaysian independence, and not 52nd anniversary.

    One Nation, One National Day for all, and on 916 it has to be. “

    “Proceeding from the restoration of a fundamental truth of Malaysian history, the task of the people of Sarawak,” he exhorts, “is the struggle for justice for the States of Sabah and Sarawak as partners of the Federation. The claiming of Ground September 16th, is but a prelude to the claiming by the people of Sabah and Sarawak for State rights due and for striking out with a new deal of a better Federation of to-morrow.”

    “Sarawak people should bemoan their plight in Malaysia no more, but rise in one voice of righteous demand for justice for all. “

    “ We should review all the constitutional promises and other safeguards of the 1963 Federation, restore its spirit, and rectify the multitude of errors and failures of continuous rule by Federal and State Barisan National Government.”

    “The backward position of Sarawak as a partner of the Federation, in all fields including political, economic, educational, cultural, environmental, health and social welfare, public transport and other infrastructural aspects, must be addressed and rectified by any responsible government in Petra Jaya (Kuching) and Putra Jaya (KL). Justice, equality and equitable sharing is the effective way forward in nation building. ”

    He pledges that Parti Keadilan Rakyat will stand by the people of Sarawak to claim the lost ground, and justice for Sabah and Sarawak has all this while been part of the national reform agenda of the party led by Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim. “The people of all strata of society too have to stand steadfast in staking their rightful stake in the Federation. It is the Rakyat, and only the Rakyat, who will be able to charge our party effort for a just and enlightened nation-building process.”


    Monday, October 19, 2009


    Sambutan 916 2009. Nampak ringkas tapi penuh makna.

    16 September 1963 merupakan detik pembentukan Malaysia. Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Sarawak, Sabah dan Singapura bersetuju membentuk pakatan sebuah negara Malaysia.

    Sepatutnya inilah tarikh yang diraikan untuk kemerdekaan Malaysia. 31 Ogos cuma memerdekakan Tanah Melayu (Semenanjung Malaysia)

    Lantaran itu, Keadilan Sarawak telah mengambil inisiatif menyambut 916 dengan menaikkan bendera Malaysia di Padang Merdeka sejak 2005.

    Kali pertama sekitar 30 orang anggota Keadilan diketuai Sdra Dominique Ng (sekarang YB), berada di Padang Merdeka( juga dikenali Padang Central) menaikkan bendera dan menyanyikan lagu Negaraku.

    Ketika itu, pihak keselamatan termasuk FRU bersiap sedia dengan lori merah mengelilingi Padang Merdeka kerana itu perhimpunan haram.

    Hari ini, perjuangan mendesak agar 16 September diiktiraf menjadi kenyataan. Tahniah kepada semua yang terlibat.

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009


    Thursday, October 8, 2009


    Tiga penyokong PAS cedera dalam satu pergaduhan dengan sekumpulan lelaki, dipercayai penyokong BN, berpunca daripada "perang poster" di Si Rusa, dalam pilihan raya kecil DUN Bagan Pinang, awal pagi ini.

    Seorang petugas PAS Ammeran Mad berkata beliau melihat kira-kira 50 orang penyokong BN, termasuk yang bersenjatakan parang, menyerang pekerja-pekerja parti PAS dalam kejadian pada kira-kira jam 1-2 pagi itu.

    Selain bilik gerakan PAS di Si Rusa, tiga lagi bilik gerakan parti berkenaan diserang oleh kumpulan yang didakwa sebagai anggota Pemuda Umno, Ammeran memberitahu Malaysiakini ketika ditemui di hospital Port Dickson tengah hari ini.

    Beliau, yang berada di tempat kejadian di markas induk Pemuda PAS, ke hospital untuk menziarahi ketiga-tiga mangsa yang berusia antara 20 hingga 30 tahun tetapi dimaklumkan mereka hanya menerima rawatan sebagai pesakit luar jam 6.45 pagi ini.

    Ammeran, seorang penduduk tempatan, berkata kumpulan yang terdiri daripada individu tidak dikenali itu pada mulanya mendakwa pekerja parti PAS berkenaan telah menurunkan bendera BN di kawasan berkenaan.

    Ketiga-tiga mangsa, antara mereka yang bersemuka dengan kumpulan berkenaan, bagaimanapun menafikan berbuat demikian.

    Kumpulan berkenaan kemudian bertindak liar dan mula memukul penyokong PAS serta memecahkan cemin kenderaan di bilik gerakan tersebut.

    Ammeran juga berkata, tiga lagi bilik gerakan peti undi dalam kawasan berkenaan turut diserang oleh kumpulan sama dalam kejadian antara jam 2 hinggga 5 pagi ini.

    Ketiga-tiga penyokong PAS yang cedera itu dikenali sebagai Muhd Zulhairi Zainuddin, 20, Shamsul Bakri, 30 dan Muhd Nazaruddin Md Isa, 23.

    Muhd Zulhairi dan Shamsul Bakri berasal dari Johor, manakala Muhd Nazaruddin dari Kedah.

    Akhbar rasmi parti itu melaporkan, selain ditumbuk, kesemua mangsa juga dihalau keluar meninggalkan markas itu.

    Ramai lagi petugas PAS dipukul, lapor akhbar web itu lagi, malah ada juga yang dikejar dengan parang hingga ke rumah.

    Foto-foto yang diterbitkan akhbar itu menunjukkan seorang petugas, yang tidak dinamakan, berdarah di kepala dan baju merahnya koyak di bahagian belakang, dilaporkan akibat ditetak dalam serangan tersebut.

    Pemuda PAS berhasrat membuat aduan polis jam 6 petang ini di balai polis Port Dickson.

    "Sekarang ini kita sedang mengumpul semua maklumat berkaitan. Kita diberitahu banyak kes serupa berlaku di tempat lain juga.

    "Kita kumpul semua dan buat satu laporan petang ini," ketua dewan itu Nasaruddin Hassan dipetik berkata.

    Saturday, October 3, 2009


    Aktiviti yang bakal dilangsungkan.

    3 Okt : Ramah tamah aidilfitri DUN Saribas
    5 Okt : Lawatan Kerja SU MPN Pulau Pinang
    17 Okt: Mesyuarat majlis Pimpinan Negeri Sarawak bil.5/2009
    17 Okt: Ramah tamah aidilfitri Keadilan Sarawak
    18 Okt: eMedia Trainning for Trainner
    18 Okt: Jogerthon di Batu Kawa
    22 Okt: Lawatan TKM Pulau Pinang, YAB Dr. Mansor Othman
    27 Okt: Facus Group Trainning.

    Ramah-tamah aidilfitri Keadilan Sarawak akan dihadiri oleh Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ibrahim. Semua anggota parti dijemput hadir.